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Declutter Your Way to a Productive Year!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We hear from our clients all the time “How can Sodexo help us achieve success?”  I can finally answer this question with conviction.  I get it.  It’s finally clear.

The answer lies in productivity.  That is, the measure of efficiency in production in the workplace.   Sounds simple, right?

As a start, it is the simple things that can really make the difference. Let’s take clutter for example…isn’t it difficult to be productive with all of the clutter we have in our lives?  If we took simple steps to reduce clutter, wouldn’t we all be more productive? That’s just what we were thinking when planning for 2012 in our corporate café settings. The principles of de-cluttering can work for everyone; consider how we are addressing these three key consumer trends:

1 – “Self Preservation”

Consumers are seeking to regain control over complex agendas, looking after themselves and their employees in an increasingly uncertain world.

“He who fears he shall suffer already suffers what he fears. “ - Michel de Montaigne

Let’s face it, life can be complicated; your dining experience doesn’t need to be.  In 2012 we’re taking an uncomplicated approach to serving our customer’s needs.  In our Moment’ to café settings, we are delivering simplicity throughout  our menus, offering quick and complete meal options, easy to read marketing, and outstanding values that find you; making things easy for you and your wallet.

Its time to de-clutter.

2 – “Life in the fast lane”

Consumers seek strategies for managing lifestyles in an increasingly time-stressed world.

“There is more to life than just increasing its speed.” - Gandhi

As efficient as it may seem, eating “al-desko” is not the only solution.   A balanced meal and a short breather will allow you to stay alert for your entire day.  The philosophy of short breaks to re-energize the mind and body goes a long way in boosting workplace productivity.  We feel so strongly about this, that it’s a focus for our award winning concept be… for the New Year.

3 – “Maximize Life”

There is a renewed quest for experiences among consumers keen to live life to the fullest. 

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar.  There are only as many days in the year as you make use of- Charles Richards

In order to Maximize Life, it is critical to create time to do so.  The Mayo Clinic recently published an article showing the effect that clutter has on one’s life.  In short, reducing clutter can significantly improve time management.  Take our consumer-focused MiExperience approach to digital technology.  Sodexo’s MiExperience technology solutions help consumers leverage technology in ways that simplify their experience.  Where technology has the ability to make the consumer experience simpler, faster, or more convenient, we provide solutions that empower consumers with the information they need.  Our mission is to provide our customers with information about their dining decisions and purchases, be it through their computer, connecting via their smart phone, or enjoying a dining experience in one of our managed on-site restaurants.

Lastly, take it from me: the easiest way to de-clutter? Turn that phone off!  Studies suggest that it is the little distractions that lead to lost time.  So help yourself simplify by scheduling time to read and respond to messages, but also to hit the power off button and relax. We’ll all benefit from a more productive you!

John Guillemette is a director of brand management for Sodexo.