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Jump Start a New You in the New Year

By Jennifer Acevedo RD, LDN
December 27th, 2012

Jennifer Acevedo RD, LDN

Cookies, and Stuffing and Pies OH MY!!

During the holiday season, it can seem nearly impossible to avoid these delicious foods.

A study from NIH suggests that Americans will gain weight this holiday season.

Although average weight was noted at approximately one pound, over time, gaining and not maintaining weight makes Americans more susceptible for obesity and diseases.

The New Year is now upon us and the perfect time to look forward to the “New You”!

Place foods into zones such as the colors in a stoplight.

Here are several easy steps for a fresh start in 2013!

  1. Stop skipping meals! The New Year should bring some inspiration to go grocery shopping and begin planning your meals.  Here is an easy tip…Make one of your meals a protein and fiber packed Salad. Add grilled chicken or turkey to your salad with light vinaigrette. Add all the veggies you want. Get some beans or walnuts as a topping to add additional fiber and protein.
  2. Rethink Your Drink! Water is a great way to stay hydrated. It helps to eliminate extra waste in the body. Also; it has been proven as a metabolism booster allowing the body to work more efficiently when it is hydrated.
  3. Load up on fruits and vegetables…Still Hungry? Go for a second helping of vegetables at dinner or eat a few baby carrots and peanut butter…great for an on the go snack!
  4. Buy a fun healthy eating cookbook. It will keep you inspired and make planning dinner time easy…Learn to experiment with different entrees! It will bring the fun into eating healthy.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Learn to indulge in some of your favorites and then let it go! The key to being successful in the New Year is to look at all foods as a part of your diet. Put them into zones such as colors in a stoplight. Green means go for these foods, i.e., vegetables, fruits. Yellow means be cautious with a food’s portion amount, i.e., natural peanut butter. Red means “re-think” or eat once in a while, i.e., sweets. Your diet should look green and yellow with a sprinkling of red.

I hope this helps put all food in its place and keeps you on the right track to a brand new you in 2013!

Jennifer Acevedo RD, LDN is a regional wellness director for Sodexo’s Business and Industry Solutions segment.

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