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A Voice of Hope

By Julia Pipkins
February 23rd, 2012

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I felt so honored to be selected by Sodexo as one of its eight 2011 Heroes of Everyday Life® for my volunteer work. In return, my husband and I were able to travel to Washington, DC to share my experience with fellow colleagues and politicians alike. The entire experience blew us away. A high point of the trip was having a chance to visit Capitol Hill and share our stories of fighting hunger in our communities with our senate and congressional leaders.

The main event, the 12th Annual Sodexo Foundation Dinner, was nothing short of phenomenal. It was amazing to hear the stories of all the Sodexo Heroes of Everyday Life® and the Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarship recipients, and how they are giving back to their communities. I was humbled by the generosity of all the vendors that donate to Sodexo Foundation. With their help, the foundation raised $1 million dollars to fight hunger in that one evening.

It was a great feeling to be up on stage and recognized in front of more than 930 people, but I would like to think of the award as an acknowledgement of the hard work done by volunteers at the Voice of Hope – an organization that provides the children of West Dallas with spiritual guidance and family support services including the delivery of food boxes. Of course, the greatest part of the entire experience is that the $5,000 grant I received will go to the hunger organization of my choice. I’m excited to say that it will go to the Voice of Hope.

The need for support provided by the Voice of Hope in West Dallas is ongoing, and this grant provides countless nutritious meals for youth and their families in that community.

I would like to thank Sodexo Foundation for this grant which will go a long way in fighting hunger in the West Dallas community. I feel honored to be a part of Sodexo’s STOP Hunger Initiative, and now that the nomination period is open for 2012 Heroes of Every Day Life, I encourage managers, friends and family members to turn the spotlight onto the work of new Sodexo Heroes. So many are doing so much to feed our children and their work is also worthy of recognition.

Julia Pipkins is senior instructional designer for Sodexo University. She has helped over 700 low-income families through her own initiative and her work with the Voice of Hope.. If you know of a Sodexo employee doing amazing work in fighting hunger, they could be chosen to be one of Sodexo’s Heroes of Everyday Life®. Click here for more information.

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