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Beyond Responsibility

By Frances Williams
July 26th, 2011

Frances Williams, one of Sodexo’s 2011 Heroes of Everyday Life®

Having an opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. where I was honored as one of Sodexo’s Heroes of Everyday Life® was a wonderful experience for me, as well as my mother who I invited along for the trip. I want to begin, however, by personally expressing my gratitude toward Sodexo and all of the people that have supported my initiative from the very beginning.  Without that support I would not be able to do what needs to be done for the thousands who are benefiting from volunteer efforts like mine.

What a great honor it has been to be recognized by the Sodexo Foundation for the work I do beyond my paid responsibilities.  Even as we were being recognized by some very distinguished individuals, it was such a humbling experience just to be in the midst of everyday people who think of others and act on their thoughts.  I have learned a lot from that experience and will hold it dear to my heart as I continue to grow with Sodexo.

The grant which was awarded to my Do Over Ministry will go a long way to help thousands of individuals as I plan to expand my resources and reach many more people in need using the finances provided.  One of many ways it will help is through an effort that will take place around the end of August, where we will be able to provide uniforms, book bags, school supplies, and after school snacks to approximately 75 school children.

My gratitude cannot be overstated for having the opportunity to work with such a caring company and for it to not only recognize, but to encourage my passion for providing for those less advantaged.

I was proud that my mother could be there with me on the evening of the awards presentation at the 12th Annual Sodexo Foundation Dinner. Yes, I invited her. But, she – through her example – got me there.

Frances Williams is a Sodexo Cook at PNC Bank and is the founder of Do Over Ministry, which offers clothing, career guidance, education and nutritional counseling in Philadelphia communities.

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