26 May 2015
Ted Monk

Empowering Students is Key to Ending Obesity Epidemic

There is a tremendous amount of discussion around the childhood obesity epidemic and its impact on immediate and long term health and wellbeing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. In fact, as of 2012 more than one […]

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14 May 2015
Alexis Glick

Empowering Youth to Lead the Way

In the coming weeks we’ll see a new generation of youth graduate and move into higher education classrooms and the workforce.  At this nostalgic and celebratory time of year, how are we helping to ensure we’re building a healthy, high-achieving generation of youth to follow?  At GENYOUth, we view youth themselves as the solution to the current […]

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04 May 2015
George Chavel

Exploring the New Frontier in Performance

Life was very different back in 1966. War was raging in Vietnam. Rock and roll was revolutionizing music, and the U.S. was in a race with the USSR to land a man on the moon. And all of the best dressed men and women were wearing patterned pants, flowered shirts and boots. I guess some […]

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28 Apr 2015
Mia Mends

Finding the Inspiration to Mentor Others within Myself

I am a product of impactful mentoring. Throughout my career formal and informal mentors have guided me, challenged me and helped me evolve into the person I am today. Mentoring takes so many forms and whether they coached me, role modeled for me, listened to me, advised me, supported me, counseled me or just acted […]

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24 Apr 2015

STEM Education to build the FM Workplace

Jobs requiring skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are a rich source of employment opportunities and economic growth in the U.S. Nearly 80 percent of the fastest growing occupations in the United States depend on mastery of mathematics and science, and yet U.S. student achievement in both disciplines lags behind students in Asia […]

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23 Apr 2015
Lorna Donatone

Mind the (Talent) Gap

It’s hard to avoid the topic of the talent gap; online pundits, academic think tanks and the media routinely debate the source of the problem and possible solutions. Accolo.com reports that employers are frustrated; 40% of businesses are having trouble finding qualified applicants for key positions. Worse, 55% confirmed that these talent issues were affecting […]

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20 Apr 2015
Lorna Donatone

Engaging America’s Youth through Career Competitions

Youth engagement programs help young people find their path to a promising and fulfilling career through real-world experience. They foster engagement in the community, teach unique skill sets and provide future employment opportunities. Sites like Career Kids include career awareness and exploration materials for teachers and students. About Careers is targeted at children, teens and […]

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