05 Oct 2015
Jason Richards, Vice President, Energy & Construction Services, Sodexo North America

Nature-Friendly Workspaces Benefit Employees and Business

Sustainable work spaces are becoming more prominent.  Investing in sustainability benefits business, employees and the environment; it’s a win-win. By recognizing the value in sustainability, innovative companies can improve the health and well-being of their workforce—while supporting business goals. From infrastructure upgrades to simple changes in behavior, there are easy ways for companies to improve […]

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05 Oct 2015
Rohini Anand, PhD

A Discussion between Generations

Millennials, the next generation of leaders, ranks quality of life – their own and others’ – highly. This defining perspective will change organizational paradigms around the world within the next decade. The Discussion between Generations panel at the Sodexo Quality of Life Conference revealed the evolution of thought that has led to the focus on […]

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25 Sep 2015
Michael Norris

Accommodating Pregnant Women and New Mothers in the Workplace

In the past several decades, there has been a dramatic demographic shift in the workforce. Not only do women now make up almost half of the workforce, but there are more pregnant workers than ever before and they are working later into their pregnancies.  According to the National Partnership for Women & Families, holding a […]

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24 Sep 2015
Steve Dunmore

Happy National Breakfast Month!

Every year the month of September is dedicated to celebrating the importance of eating breakfast as a part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.  The power of breakfast is often underestimated.  The food we choose affects our energy level, our ability to focus and our power to think clearly. This has been proven […]

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21 Sep 2015
Mark Bickford

The Inevitable Shift Toward a Quality of Life Economic Model

A new quality of life economic model is developing thanks to communications, green energy and transportation connected via the platform of the Internet of Things. This glimpse of the completely new economic paradigm that will fully emerge over the next 25 years was offered by Jeremy Rifkin at the inaugural Quality of Life Conference sponsored […]

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14 Sep 2015
Deborah Hecker

Quieting Your Monkey Mind

Do you have a “monkey mind?” This wonderfully colorful description describes someone who starts thinking about the challenges of the day ahead the moment they wake up—their mind racing through a list of have to’s, should have’s and why did I’s? As Entrepreneur points out, a restless mind can cause trouble sleeping, poor decision-making, anxiety […]

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10 Sep 2015
Jennifer Williamson

Winning Over Millennials in the Workplace

In our continually growing and evolving global environment, Millennials have a unique perspective as a result of being raised during an era of incredible social and technological change. According to a May 2015 TIME report, the 53.5 million millennials (aged 18-34) now constitute the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. In fact, Pew Research, estimates Millennials […]

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09 Sep 2015
Lorna Donatone

How is a School like the Space Station?

Food matters. The nutritional value and appeal of their food makes a difference to the scientists on the International Space Station. That point was made during a panel discussion “Is Food the Cure?” by Vickie Kloeris, Manager, International Space Station Food System, NASA Johnson Space Center. She was joined by Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, Cardiologist, Nutritionist […]

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