26 Mar 2015
Nebeyou Abebe

A Systems-Based Approach to Improving Our Nation’s Health and Controlling Rising Healthcare Costs

A systems-based approach to improving health considers all factors involved in caring for patients and the many factors that influence one’s quality of life. The integration of people, processes, policies, and organizations is critical to promoting better health at lower cost. For example, we can close the clinic-to-community gap by using an integrated systems approach […]

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25 Mar 2015
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Coffee – The Secret Ingredient for Increased Productivity?

According to Statistic Brain, coffee, fresh brewed and fragrant, is enjoyed by 100 million Americans every day—and 25% drink more than 13 cups each week. Our caffeinated nation’s productivity outpaces all other countries, and though this can’t be directly correlated to coffee consumption, it’s probably a contributing factor.  While I’m not a huge coffee drinker, […]

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20 Mar 2015
Rohini Anand, PhD

Redefining the Family-Friendly Workplace

Modern technology and the expanding global economy have erased what was once a clear delineation between the demands of the office and the responsibilities of home. The pace of work combined with professional obligations routinely impose on time that was historically dedicated to family life.  The result is employees who feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. […]

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17 Mar 2015
Steve Dunmore

Can Employers Foster Better Employee Camaraderie?

Check out any recent employee engagement survey and the news is the same—engagement is at all all-time low. Both APA and Aon recently released studies that indicate employees are feeling stressed and disengaged from their work. Much of this can be attributed to challenging work environments with employees being asked to do more with fewer […]

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13 Mar 2015

Taking a Mindful Approach to Business Can Improve Performance

There is an enormous payoff when employees bring their whole selves to work. A culture where employees are fully engaged drives productivity and performance. But what happens when stress, anxiety and lack of focus interfere with work? According to research by Dr. Ruth Wolever, Ph.D., Director of Research at Duke University School of Medicine, stress […]

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11 Mar 2015
Rohini Anand, PhD

Organizations That Alleviate Job-Related Stress Can Boost Employee Performance

While stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern life, the number one cause of stress is work according to Statistic Brain. Numerous surveys and studies confirm that job-related pressures and fears are far and away the leading source of stress for most people. Stressful work environments can make employees dread going to work. We’ve all […]

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10 Mar 2015
Scanlan Headshot

Reflections On A Historic Civil Rights Pilgrimage

From Friday, March 6, through Sunday March 8, 2015,  David Scanlan, President Sodexo Government Services and Jessica Montoya, Vice President of Government Affairs and Assistant General Counsel participated in the 15th Annual Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage hosted by The Faith and Politics Institute.  As part of the program, the delegation visited historic sites in Birmingham, […]

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09 Mar 2015
Lorna Donatone

Making it Happen: Creating New Pathways for Women Leaders

Some people believe leadership is about genetics – you are born a leader. In rare cases, I’ve encountered people who have a natural talent and ability to lead others. However, the vast majority of successful leaders are made. Like me, they grow into their positions of authority through life experiences, lessons learned, personal development and […]

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05 Mar 2015
Mia Mends

Is There More to Recognition than Awards, Money and Praise?

Recognition is a key engagement driver for employees but it can come in many forms including awards, money and praise. The question for companies is which is the most important? Or what combination will influence and motivate peak performance and the behaviors crucial to corporate success? Consider this, an effective recognition program can consist of […]

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