02 Jul 2015
Jason Richards

Is there a Future for Traditional Office Space?

The nature of business is evolving. Our interconnected, technology-driven world yields new philosophies on how and where work gets done. This flexibility questions the effectiveness of traditional office spaces and presents an opportunity to rethink the work environment. New workplace strategies are leading redevelopments in office design. Companies are realizing that the traditional office layout […]

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22 Jun 2015

Summer Hunger: Hard To Forget

These hot summer days inevitably make me nostalgic for my childhood in Pittsburgh. For me, like most kids, summer meant lazy days playing in the sprinkler and waiting for the magic moment when my parents would suggest we go out for ice cream. But for kids like Paul, summer prompts a very different memory. The […]

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17 Jun 2015
George Chavel

5 Keys to Unlocking Diverse Talent

Last week I had the privilege of attending the fifth annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America meeting.  The event brought together nearly 1,000 leaders from business, philanthropy, and government to develop solutions for economic growth, long-term competitiveness, and social mobility in the United States. While the conference was extremely informative and very inspirational, the words […]

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16 Jun 2015

Unity on the High Seas: The Hermione Adventure

The story of the Hermione, Freedom’s Frigate, is a fascinating history lesson. From her first voyage across the Atlantic in the 18th century, to her present day struggle for rebirth, it’s the story of the bond between two nations and the value of freedom that we often take for granted. To those of us in […]

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15 Jun 2015
Bob Stern

Engaging Communities in the Fight Against Hunger

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” –Mother Teresa One in five children is at risk of hunger in the United States—that’s 16 million children going to bed and waking up without regular access to food. Children concerned about where to find their next […]

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12 Jun 2015
Peter Wittig German Ambassador headshot

Fostering International Engagement Key to Addressing World Challenges

Nearly 100 years ago, at the end of the First World War, the World Affairs Councils were founded in the spirit of fostering international engagement. We can be grateful for the unique role they have played in promoting an informed debate on international affairs. Then as now, the world demands a global education. Our greatest […]

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11 Jun 2015
Diane Coles Levine

Using Science to Design Office Spaces that Attract and Retain Top Employees

Winning the battle for talent is one of the biggest hurdles senior leaders are facing. In the ever-increasing competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees, companies are looking to more holistic strategies to gain the advantage. For organizations intent on attracting and retaining the best talent, the office environment is a key aspect to […]

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