03 Sep 2015
Michael Norris

Has 2015 been the Year of the Employee?

Employers have enjoyed a substantial advantage in the labor market since the Great Recession began nearly seven years ago. At the peak of unemployment in 2009, there were roughly five unemployed workers per job opening, creating a buyer’s market in which businesses could afford to skimp on programs aimed at motivating and retaining workers. Of course […]

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31 Aug 2015
Mia Mends

Recognition by Any Other Name

Is recognition the holy grail of employee engagement and corporate success? It’s become an article of faith in the last decade or so and the subject of a lot of research. During a lively discussion on recognition at Sodexo’s inaugural Quality of Life Conference in New York City, a panel of experts suggested the following […]

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26 Aug 2015
Michael Norris

STEM Education: Closing the Gap in Leadership for Women

According to the Pew Research Center Americans widely believe that men have a better shot at leadership positions in business and politics, even as majorities say that men and women make equally good leaders. There is little consensus, however, on why women remain underrepresented in these fields. LinkedIn recently summarized findings from data that measured […]

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24 Aug 2015
George Chavel

What Does it Take to Become a Quality of Life Change Maker?

I recently had the opportunity to hear a true agent of change share a compelling case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world. Arianna Huffington, Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group, shared a detailed roadmap for positive lifestyle change during her keynote speech at the […]

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18 Aug 2015

Understanding Sustainable Seafood

Eating fish is a smart choice. It’s a lean protein with great health benefits. But some varieties of seafood have been overfished or caught in ways that may cause lasting damage to our oceans and marine life. Sustainable seafood is a popular topic these days. In fact, the most frequent question I get when talking […]

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17 Aug 2015

The Bumpy Path to Sustainability

I grew up on a small family farm in South Georgia.    Small family farm is code for hard work and community.  On our farm, we didn’t own all the farm equipment we needed, nor did the surrounding farmers, but collectively we organized and shared resources and when it came time to harvest, everyone worked together […]

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14 Aug 2015

Get Up and Get Moving, if You Want to Move the Bottom Line

Strong businesses need healthy engaged employees. The average person spends more time at work than in any other daily activity and for many of us, that means eight plus hours spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer, on the phone and in meetings.  While rising healthcare costs are certainly a driving factor […]

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