30 Jul 2015

Are you Sitting Yourself to an Early Death?

Do you start your day with a run or workout? Good start, but it’s not enough. If you work in an office, you’re sitting yourself to death. According to Men’s Health, most employees sit 10-plus hours a day, more time than they spend sleeping. The physiological changes that take place as you sit your way […]

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29 Jul 2015
Dana Massimiani

Ending Childhood Hunger, Starting with Los Angeles

Did you know that children are at risk of going hungry in Los Angeles County more than in any other county in the nation based on a report from Feeding America? According to Share Our Strength, more than 1 million children and teens in Los Angeles are eligible for subsidized meals and may be at […]

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28 Jul 2015
Gerri Mason Hall

Are You Brave Enough to Become a Better Leader?

How brave are you? Do you really know what your employees think of you? Are you willing to have a meaningful conversation and ask your employees what they really think? Do you care? You should—an employee’s relationship with his or her manager is a leading driver of employee engagement. And engaged employees work harder, stay […]

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23 Jul 2015

Healthcare Opportunities — The STEM Work Force No One Talks About

Michael Norris, COO and Market President of Sodexo Corporate Services, was invited to share his insights on the importance of STEM education in the Health Care field at the University of Phoenix Healthcare Forum. In an associated post on the University of Phoenix’s blog, Michael outlines why more emphasis needs to be given to STEM […]

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16 Jul 2015

Nourishing Young Minds and Bodies

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou It is one thing to read an article or hear a news story about hunger; however, it’s another thing to witness it firsthand.  More than 16 million […]

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13 Jul 2015
TCU team at Hope Farm

How do you provide over 20,000 meals to a community in one summer?

Ever wonder what it takes to provide over 20,000 meals for a community in one summer? This video will give you a glimpse into how our dedicated team at Texas Christian University makes this happen: Since 2000, the Texas Christian University Dining Services team has provided more than 300,000 free summer meals for kids in […]

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09 Jul 2015
Mia Mends

Boost Employee Recognition without Breaking the Bank

According to a The Gallup Organization’s Twelve Elements of Great Managing, praise and recognition are essential building blocks of great workplaces but unfortunately these are the same elements that consistently receive the lowest ratings from employees. Therefore, I guess it is not surprising that Gallup also found only 13% of employees worldwide feel truly engaged […]

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02 Jul 2015
Jason Richards

Is there a Future for Traditional Office Space?

The nature of business is evolving. Our interconnected, technology-driven world yields new philosophies on how and where work gets done. This flexibility questions the effectiveness of traditional office spaces and presents an opportunity to rethink the work environment. New workplace strategies are leading redevelopments in office design. Companies are realizing that the traditional office layout […]

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